Pet Odour Disinfecting.

  • Pet odour disinfecting is another service that Canine Caddy offers to assist dog owners. If by chance a strong odour is emanating from inside or outside of your home due to your beloved pet, Canine Caddy can eliminate it effectively and safely. The product we use is called Odormute which is a blend of natural enzymes that will eliminate any organic odour. The action of Odormute chemically changes the source of the odour and eliminates it. It does not simply mask the odour. Odormute is safe to use on any surface – concrete to carpets – yet is so strong it even works on skunk odour on pets.
  • It is important however that the Odormute solution must come in direct contact with the source of the odour to eliminate it. If other chemicals or cleaning agents have been used, they may have “set” the odour permanently. Canine Caddy has been using Odormute exclusively and we have about a 90% success rate. Unfortunately there is always the odd situation or odour which is difficult to control and maintain.

Killing Germs by means of Sanitization.

  • We get a lot of calls from customers who wonder if we can sanitize a yard. By doing so we can kill all the germs associated with urine and fecal matter. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to completely sanitize a yard without jeopardizing the health and quality of plant life or people.
  • Unlike pet odour disinfecting where we know it was successful because the odour is no longer obvious. With sanitizing there is no way to prove that the germs are killed. In most cases the origin of the urine or fecal matter is at the root of your lawn or at the base of the grass. One would have to completely saturate the yard in order to thoroughly sanitize a yard. Even if sanitization was possible your beloved pet would be back out in the yard and taking care of business all over again, so it would be tough to keep up.
  • The best sanitizing solution is the safe solution and that is to water your yard deeply. This benefits the lawn regardless but will also flush the unwanted remnants into the soil. However, when it comes to odour no amount of water will permanently eliminate it. This is why it is worth considering our Odormute product.