• Canine Caddy will scoop the poop from your yard and take it away!

Standard Yard

1 Dog


2 Dogs


3 Dogs


  • A $5.00 per month administrative/disposal fee will be added to each monthly invoice.


  • Canine Caddy uses a natural enzyme that eliminates all organic odours, it doesn’t simply mask them. Our product is 100% safe for people, plants and of course pets.
  • Prices can vary between $10 – $40 depending on the size of yard and the severity of the odour. Please call (780) 496-2412 or email Curtis for details.


  • Spring cleans consist of cleaning up all the dog doo that has accumulated from over the winter time. Canine Caddy will clean the entire yard or dog run of all the dog doo plus we’ll take it away. Since every yard is different and therefore the amount of dog doo may vary, each yard is priced individually. Pricing each yard individually guarantees that the customer will benefit from a fair price based just on their yard alone rather than paying a flat rate based on the number of dogs. Sometimes clients with two dogs don’t have nearly as much dog doo as someone with only one dog. As well, not every customer with one dog will have the same amount of dog doo as the next person with only one dog. Plus, there are a lot of other components to take into consideration such as: yard size, condition of the yard-short or long grass, is the yard wet or dry?, can the yard be raked or does everything have to be picked up one by one?, is the yard just grass or are there rocks or wood chips that the dog doo is sitting on?
  • Approximate prices for the majority of the spring cleanings can vary from $60 – $125. Please call (780) 496-2412 or email Curtis for details.


Canine Caddy accepts all major Credit Cards, Interac email transfers, Cheques or Cash.