Spring Service.

  • They’re waiting under cover. They’re almost knocking down your back door. They are an unwelcome guest. The’yre disgustingly ugly. They are repulsively messy and they are not going to leave on their own. They are doggie doo-doos and they are just waiting for the snow to melt so they can show their true colors. But now there is a successful solution that is better than shutting your windows and closing your blinds… Canine Caddy – the professional pooper scooper.
  • No longer will you have to pinch your nose and squint your eyes during the spring ritual of scooping the back yard. Canine Caddy will thoroughly clean the entire yard of all dog doo from the winter time. We’ll take it all away rather than leaving it for your garbage collection.
  • Our service is guaranteed to get everything. If by chance we miss something we’ll come back free of charge. Eliminate the spring ritual with Canine Caddy. Allow us to be a welcome relief for your sore senses of sight and smell.
  • To book an appointment today please call us at 780-496-2412.

Winter Service.

  • A lot of people wonder about how we can provide service in the winter with all the snow. Actually the winter time is sometimes the easiest time as the dog doo is frozen. With the contrast of the white snow it is very easy to locate. The dog doo during the winter doesn’t sink to the bottom. Rather sits on top allowing our staff the opportunity to effectively clean a yard with the snow.
  • If by chance service is interrupted one week due to lousy winter conditions Canine Caddy will deduct 50% of the cost for that week and credit the customer’s account. Even though the dog doo is still there and we’ll get it eventually. We didn’t physically drive out so the client saves because we don’t have to charge for gas and time. The biggest advantage to winter service is the fact that come spring your yard won’t be inundated with months’ worth of doggie doo’s peeking back at you from under the melting snow.
  • There is no extra cost involved come spring time if winter weekly service is continual. Anything that was missed through the course of the winter will automatically be picked up as the snow melts at no extra charge. Plus, once again everything that is removed from the yard, dog doo and snow combined, will be disposed of by Canine Caddy.